Battle scars

July 31, 2011 Leave a comment

Scars, are nasty… The constant reminder of a wrong move. Of delayed reaction. Of wrong judgement and misinterpreted action.The constant reminder that kicks you from the comfort zone. Keeps your guard up. Thwarts you from taking things for granted and keeps you humble. The reminder that you at least fought and got thus far…
Scars, are good…

It’s true that he had battle scars,
Yet he had learned his trade,
No longer thinking it a farce,
A game that lions played…
One lion wins, it can’t be two…
One lion takes the prize!
That’s why he’ll do what he must do…

                                    — Unknown

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Seems like yesterday..

March 29, 2011 13 comments

It’s been almost 10 months since I graduated from PICT. I was at the college over the weekend, for Impetus and Concepts, lovingly called InC. PICT and InC hold a very special place in my heart, and I am sure most of my batchmates and seniors share the same sentiment.

Going back to the college after such a long time brought back so many fond memories! I was like a child stuck in the middle of a busy road with all his dream cars racing towards him – confused, stunned and exhilarated ! There were just so many of them.

Right from the InC organizing days of TE – the free snacks, the cold-drinks, the official bunks, the loud songs, the Roadies sessions, the lunch coupons, those frantic late nights ..and that InC room – to the days of BE – the lazy lab sessions, the T-shirt day, the project meetings, the petty fights, the Goa train, those mafia sessions ..and that creeping fear – to the days of participating in InC – the ppt trials, the test results, the flex banners, the last minute changes, those marathon judging sessions .. and that rejoicing moment – to the final day of BE – the ever so trembling hands, the strange feeling in the stomach, the last university paper, the final bell, the loud songs and insane dancing, those drops of tears which everyone tried to hide .. and that final goodbye ! – It all came back in a flash.

Time goes on and people move on. But the memories were so vivid… It seems like yesterday, yet so long ago.

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January 24, 2011 1 comment

Came across these awesome lines while reading xkcd. (Special thanks to CDK 😀 )

The infinite possibilities each day holds should stagger the mind. The sheer number of experiences I could have is uncountable, breathtaking, and I’m sitting here refreshing my inbox. We live trapped in loops, reliving a few days over and over, and envision only a handful of paths laid out ahead of us. We see the same things each day, we respond the same way, we think the same thoughts, each day a slight variation on the last, every moment smoothly following the gentle curves of the societal norms. We act like if we get through today, tommorow our dreams will come back to us.

And no, I don’t have all the answers. I don’t know how to jolt myself into seeing what each moment could become. But I do know one thing: The solution doesn’t involve watering down my every little idea and creative impulse for the sake of someday easing my fit into a mold. It doesn’t involve tempering my life to better fit someone’s expectations, and it surely doesn’t involve constantly holding back for the fear of shaking things up.

Link to the original source : xkcd

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The green grass

September 25, 2009 10 comments

You have always been taught.

Ever since you were a child,  everyone around has has been teaching you lots of stuff about lots of things.  Your parents, your teachers,  your friends …even strangers . Your parents have un-arguably taught you the most. From the most basic stuff to some really complex things.  Teachers, ofcourse, teach you everyday. Your friends taught you the stuff your parents didn’t, probably coz they knew that you are better off knowing it from your friends. 🙂 .

But, there are some things that no one has ever taught you. You figure them out yourself.

You buy a new pair of shoes. His are better. You get a new bike. He gets a better one. You get good grades. He gets good grades and has more fun too. You do something. He does it better.
His parents are not as restrictive. He’s got better looks.  He is more popular. He never gets into trouble. Heck ! he even has a  girlfriend.

Your life is a nightmare. His is a sweet dream.

You have been a fool all this time. You never realized  the truth. The moment you start appreciating what you have,  it suddenly seems better than what he has. For all you know, he has been thinking the same way about you.The grass is always greener on the other side. No matter what you do, it always is. The only way you can make the grass on your side better is by accepting it the way it is.

You now have something he doesn’t… He is still troubled. His life is still a nightmare. You, on the other hand, are at peace with yourself  🙂 .

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The beginning of the end …

August 27, 2009 18 comments

It has begun.  Most of my college mates will agree.

You were waiting to get here since the day you first stepped in. You wished the days would go by fast so that you can be there. You were always in awe of the people who were already there. And now, you are here… finally.

Being here is just what you expected it to be… and something more.

There is this carelessness everywhere. Just like the one you craved for since the first day. You don ‘t really give a damn about most of the things for which you would have spent sleepless nights earlier.  There is also a certain sense of superiority creeping into you. You have made some life-long friends. Shared some unforgettable moments with special ones.  You are probably having the best time of your life now. Just how you expected it to be. Just how you wanted it to be.

But at the back of your mind, you know it ‘s all going to end…and quite soon. Life in engineering is kinda cruel. It reaches a crescendo, and then …

It was bound to happen. You knew it would. But now that it is  close, you suddenly start disliking being here. You now want to go back. You now want to live that life over and over again. Even if it means losing all the benefits of being here. You now want the ” We ‘ve still got lots of time” feeling again.  Suddenly, you think of the time when you will say to your friends, “Dude, lets enjoy…One last time” .

It has just begun. The  joy of being here heavily dominates the sadness of being here.

But no matter how hard you try to deny it. This is the beginning of the end. The end you always feared. The end that you will fear more, as it draws closer. The beginning that says, “Enjoy your college life while you still can” …

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Why this name ?

August 26, 2009 3 comments

I’ve named this blog “Serendipity”.

Serendipity is the effect by which one accidentally discovers something fortunate, especially while looking for something entirely unrelated.

Today I don’t really know why I have started this blog. Some day I hope to find it out. Probably through Serendipity or “Serendipity” . 😉

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